Customer information & operating instructions

Dear Costumer!

Thank you for choosing a Little Flamingo product!
In the following description, we would like to provide instructions for the proper use and handling
of the purchased product.

Product name:

  • swimsuit
  • bikini
  • swimming
  • diaper
  • swimming trunks
  • sports bra
  • sports pants

All our products are made from 100% eco-based materials with a material composition of 83%
polyester and 17% elastane.
The following products are only suitable for water sports and swimming: swimwear, bikini,
swimming trunks, swimming diapers. Sports bras and sports pants products are only suitable for
land sports. Please note that any contact / friction with a rough or rough surface will result in
damage and destruction of the product.

The water sports product should be rinsed in warm, detergent water each time after each use and
allowed to dry in a ventilated area.

After use, it is recommended to wash products for land sports in warm detergent water or a low
temperature washing machine and leave to dry in a ventilated place.
Water sports products must not be washed, spun, tumble dried or ironed. Products for land
sports must not be washed, spun, tumble dried or ironed in a program warmer than 40 ° C.
Please note that failure to follow these instructions for use may result in damage to the product,
burns and discoloration of the lining, ie premature damage to the product.

We inform our customers that we will not be able to replace the product in the event of any wear,
elongation, damage or tear resulting from improper use and handling of the purchased product.
If, despite the intended use, the product still fails, do not attempt to repair it at home, but notify us
once the defect has been discovered. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the
event that the defect has aggravated as a result of unprofessional / in-house repairs, or its cause,
occurrence or extent can no longer be judged, we cannot accept your supply / product warranty

Thank you for your understanding, we hope you enjoy using the products you buy from us!

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